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A collection of special collaborative projects & commissioned design projects with the artist Zeke's Lunchbox.



Hell's Canyon

Commissioned illustration and poster design for playwright Emily Sheehan for the Sydney Theatre production Hell's Canyon

“Sometimes there are things you can’t forget about, even when you try. Walking home, or in line at the canteen, or when we were making out before. They smack you right in the face. Right outta nowhere. I don’t know what’s so wrong about remembering.” – Hell’s Canyon

WINNER: 2015 Rodney Seaborn Award
SHORTLIST: 2016 Patrick White Award

Performance Dates: 1-11 August 2018, Old 505 Theatre


Daisy Moon

Commissioned artwork posted for playwright Emily Sheehan for the Sydney Theatre production Daisy Moon

"Bright eyed and eccentric 14-year-old Daisy Moon is President and Founder of the Bateman’s Bay Little Monsters Fan Club. She holds her club meetings inside the dusty beachside bus stop on her front lawn. She’s the club’s only member. "

Performance Dates: 15-25 November 2017, at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre





Commissioned T-shirts for Australian fitness company Rollerfit. The business commissioned artist Zeke's Lunchbox to make custom artwork inspired by the 70s and roller disco.



Hero Image commissioned by fitness podcast. Several variations of the artwork will feature across all their podcasting platforms.




Textiles Print Designs



Various textiles print designs from Zeke's Lunchbox and clients; DGTL LUXE, Monsterthreads, Spunky Bruiser & Diamonds Unleashed.


Wild Minded option 1.jpg

Wild Minded

Monochromatic artwork commissioned by creative agency, Wild Minded.

"When I thought of the word “wild” I instantly had an image that I wanted to create. Elements of deep forests came to mind with rich fauna and a composition that is abundant and vivid. I think the artwork definitely captures a sense of wanderlust and the unknown."

High AF comp crop.jpg


The Zeke's Lunchbox X Personail collab in 2016 presents a psychedelic, vibrant and unique nail strip collection. The 'High AF' collaboration includes six rare Zeke designs which include glow in the dark eggs! 


The Octopus

Artwork and design commissioned for Surfing World Magazine in 2017. Artwork is inspired by the Australian bush, and 90s kids novels The Babysitters Club.

queens 1 72.jpg

Colour Me Queens

Colouring book of local Sydney drag queens in collaboration with makers, Spunky Bruiser and Soto Smith. Publication ran alongside the 2016 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. 


Let's Create Something Magical

Let's Create Something Magical is a adult colouring book by US based creatives, Weird Destiny. The book is comprised of artists from across the globe who all share in a similar aesthetic. Zeke was approached to contribute to the colouring endeavour.