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Where do I buy a painting?

If you would like to purchase an original Zeke’s Lunchbox painting, please refer to the online shop. Feel free to email hello@zekeslunchbox.com if you are interested in paintings not available online. Please note that a majority of paintings listed in the “Art” tab are no longer available.

are you available for private commissions?

I am currently not open for custom paintings as of the 1st of January 2019. I am currently refocusing my time to work on a big personal project that needs time and dedication. If you would like to know when I will be open for commission paintings please sign up to the mailing list here or follow my social media platforms (@zekeslunchbox) on instagram and facebook.

How do private commission paintings work?

When I am available for commission paintings I am always open to hearing your ideas and thoughts. I often have clients who will give a film, toy or even poem to base a painting on. Once you have chosen a topic or subject matter to base your painting off we will decipher the size and cost of your painting. Once a deposit has been made it will take 1 - 2 weeks to send you a sketch for approval. Once approved the painting process will begin. This may take up to 3 - 5 weeks to complete. The final painting will be emailed over before shipping the item for final approval. If you would like to request a price sheet for commission paintings please email me here - hello@zekeslunchbox.com

Can I hire you for graphic design work?

Yes! I am available for freelance graphic design work. If you need a poster, apparel design or have an odd job for your website. Please feel free to send me an email with the project you are proposing and to also request my rates. For past example of my work please refer to the “Design” tab.

Yes! I am currently residing in Melbourne, Australia and am currently taking mural commissions. Please refer to my mural page to example of past work. Feel free to email me for rates, sizes and queries - hello@zekeslunchbox.com

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