About Zeke

Zeke’s Lunchbox serves as the pseudonym for Julia Rich, an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. The artist is renowned for her pop-surreal artwork inspired by pulp art and vintage toys. Zeke aims to portray Asian women in her creations, striving to counteract the often fetishised portrayal of their image. The artist firmly believes in introducing her artworks into the zeitgeist through a female perspective, with the intention of fostering acceptance and respect. This marks a new chapter for the Filipino-Jewish artist, and she aspires to maintain a consistent voice in this realm.

Noteworthy accomplishments from Zeke's portfolio encompass a tarot card deck titled " Zeke's Arcana," comprising 80 original artworks. The project spanned four years to complete and garnered over $110k on Kickstarter in 2021. The entire process was documented on her YouTube channel.

Propelled by unwavering ambition, the artist is currently engaged in various projects, including a reimagining of her classic Tarot Deck and a solo exhibition scheduled for 2024. Additionally, she has plans to create an Oracle deck in the near future.

At present, the artist's work is on display at a collaborative art exhibition named "Fenestra," showcasing a series of heritage-themed paintings.