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"Cliché Modesty" Mini Print

"Cliché Modesty" Mini Print

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An unintentional final artwork from Zeke, this initial study drawn on the iPad Pro + Procreate has evolved into a piece that’s become a style leap for the artist. Taking on a more design-like approach, “Cliché Modesty” is an artwork that signifies a shift for the artist.

All works from Zeke’s Lunchbox centres around world building and character development. This is an ongoing theme throughout they’re work, often times asking the audience where they see the characters and what their “storylines” revolve around.

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◕ Gloss print on high quality 300 GSM paper
◕ Signed by the artist
◕ Approx. 148 mm x 148 mm
◕ Year original artwork was made 2018
◕ Year printed 2018

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