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"Cottontail" MEDIUM Print

"Cottontail" MEDIUM Print


Meet Cottontail J. Bellatrix. 🐷💕 Born in a watery meadow rich with vegetation, she is secluded and hidden in the depths of the universe. Surrounded by her little bug pals the snout-like creature is content in her world - but not forever. This little fluff ball is about to meet her natural fate. 🐊

Z-KreatureZ was spurred by classic kids films, their movie tropes and the fictional characters we instantly love. This series is an homage to the best. ✨

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◕ Gloss print on high quality 300 GSM paper
◕ Signed by the artist
◕ Approx. 210 mm x 210 mm
◕ Year original artwork was made 2016
◕ Year printed 2018

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