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"Milky Mothra" Mini Print

"Milky Mothra" Mini Print

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'Milky Mothra' mini print of the Rapscallion Print Set. Features all of the mischief makers in the Zeke universe. Collect all the best bad girls in this wicked new print set! Features five new mini prints by Zeke's Lunchbox. Collected and curated by Zeke as a set that works best together.

Limited edition print of 20! No reprints, once they are gone, it's done forever. Each print is signed, numbered and packaged with secret goodies.

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◕ Gloss print on high quality 300 GSM paper
◕ Limited edtion of 20
◕ Approx 14.5 cm x 20 cm
◕ Year original artwork was made 2015
◕ Year printed 2016

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