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ORIGINAL "Aqua" painting

ORIGINAL "Aqua" painting

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“Aqua” is a piece that was made for the “Micro Visions” group show by Wow X Wow. The artwork is an exploration of decay, beauty and moist creatures. In keeping with the Zeke’s Lunchbox aesthetic, the artwork plays with bright colours balanced with grotesque imagery. “Aqua” is heavily inspired by the 90’s pop-synth band of the same name with the goal of the artwork aiming to embody the flashy plastic-like aesthetic of the band.

Please email if you would like to set up a payment plan for this artwork - hello@zekeslunchbox.com

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  • Original artwork signed and dated

  • Acrylic & ink on pink card

  • 198 mm X 252 mm

  • Made in 2018

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