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ORIGINAL "Offering Of The Ocelot" Painting

ORIGINAL "Offering Of The Ocelot" Painting


Spurred by childhood memories of a Balinese holiday, a tradition for many Australian tourists, this artwork is an ode to the past. Stray cats roam the streets, sneakily munching on the daily offerings made by locals. This artwork was made to feel as tactile as possible and transport the viewer to the aforementioned memories.

Made and shown for the annual Lousy Ink group show. The brief was to create an artwork in black and white using the name brand art materials.

Please email if you would like to set up a payment plan for this artwork - hello@zekeslunchbox.com

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  • Original artwork signed and dated

  • Acrylic & lousy ink on hot press 300 GSM archival cotton paper

  • 297 mm X 420 mm

  • Made in 2018

Artwork comes with tracking when purchased. Additional prints and stickers will be shipped alongside artwork.

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