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Zeke's Arcana, Zeke's Lunchbox July 2019

Zeke’s Arcana is an ambitious project to create a tarot deck that is uniquely Zeke.

Each major arcana card will have its own colourful, dynamic take on the classic Rider-Waite cards. Expect plenty of space age twists and sexy otherworldly women.

Magick this strong doesn’t come into the world overnight. It’s going to be a long journey. Don’t miss out on the process. Sign up below to my mailing list to receive updates!

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Zeke's Arcana by Zeke's Lunchbox - October 2019

Who is involved in Zeke’s Arcana?

Zeke herself is doing the artwork, design and art direction for the deck. Julian is helping out with marketing, manufacturing and research. You can watch a super cute video of us here.

Where can I get the Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Deck?

The Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Deck is not available yet. It is still being made! It will most likely first be available on Kickstarter, then in the online store and hopefully eventually also in retail. The best way to be the first to know is by subscribing to the Zeke mailing list.

When will you have the full deck for sale?

We’ve been overly confident about timings in the past so we don’t want to give you exact dates unless we’re absolutely sure. The honest answer is we don’t know yet!

A lot goes into a project like this. There’s the art, but there’s also research into the Tarot itself, manufacturing questions and funding challenges. Plus we both have to balance this project with work that helps us keep a roof over our heads. Magick as powerful as this takes time. Until then the best way to stay updated is to subscribe to the Zeke mailing list.

Zeke’s Arcana by Zeke’s Lunchbox, Major Arcana Map - October 2019.

Zeke’s Arcana by Zeke’s Lunchbox, Major Arcana Map - October 2019.

Are you making the minor cards as well as the major cards for the deck?

Yes. Zeke’s Arcana will be a full Tarot deck with all 78 cards.

How much will it cost?

At the moment we are aiming for around 50 USD for the full deck. It’s a balancing act: on the one hand the deck needs to be affordable, on the other hand we want to give you a genuinely high quality artifact that does the art justice.

This isn’t quite like the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. Why?

When we first started this project, we did our due diligence in speaking to card readers and occult enthusiasts who knew a lot more than we did. What we found was that while there are key visual elements that should be honoured, it’s also important for the artist to let their unique personality inform custom decks. One reason people like fresh takes is because it lets them form a more personal connection to their cards.

We respect the tarot tradition but want to give you a colourful, fresh take. You’ll find a lot of iconography is still present but with a Zeke twist. For example, the child in the Sun card may not be waving a red banner but a red artery is magically circling it. The High Priestess still has a pillar to each side of her throne, the pillars just look more like plumbuses than marble columns. And so on.

What does Tarot mean to you?

The world can be pretty dreary. We believe that tarot gives people a way to see that world with fresh eyes. Who knows whether it’s magick or a way to tap into your awesome subconscious intuition. Maybe the two are the same thing anyway! Either way, our hope is that the Zeke take Tarot brings colour people's’ lives.