Julia A. Rich (Zeke’s Lunchbox) is an artist, designer, and illustrator based in Melbourne/Naarm. She is best known for her playful and surreal artwork inspired by pulp art and vintage toys.

Julia is a true creative all-rounder, with her work spanning across various mediums, from intricate traditional paintings to abstract digital pieces. Rich's practice encompasses a wide range of projects, from large-scale murals to small nail art collaborations. The artist explores the realms of femininity and aims to portray a balance of Asian-Australian imagery in her creations, with the intention of celebrating through positive visuals and humor. She aspires to maintain a consistent voice in this realm by demonstrating an amalgamation of cultures and identities in her work.

Over her 10-year career, Julia has been commissioned by a multitude of organisations, including councils, galleries, brands, and festivals across Australia, the U.S, and the U.K. These commissions include a mural at the Downtown Dumpling Festival (2023), exhibitions such as 'Small Works' and 'Antipodes' at Beinart Gallery (2023), 'Fenestra' at Off The Kerb Gallery (2023), and her role as a guest speaker at 'Creative Mornings' (2019). She has also completed projects such as the Bondi Beach Mural (2018), participation in the 'Art, Not Apart' Festival (2015-2017), involvement in Miami Art Basel (2016), and her solo exhibition 'Zeke's Werld' at Corner Cooperative (2014). Julia's consistency as a creative proves that she is highly sought after by infusing her wild visuals into spaces and apparel.

In her YouTube career, she has collaborated with brands such as YouTube for their Valentine's Day campaign (2021), Wix, and Huion (2020).

The artist's most notable project is the tarot card deck titled "Zeke's Arcana" (2021), which comprises 80 original artworks. The project spanned four and a half years to complete and raised over $114,000 AUD on Kickstarter. The tarot deck ran across three print runs and sold 2500 units across the globe.

The Zeke’s Arcana Tarot Deck was made possible with my collaborator Julian Frundt who worked on researching, marketing, production and copywriting.